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Character Information

Name: Gina Thomas
Aliases: The Courier, Courier Six
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Karma: Very Good

Appearance: Character Sheet | Regular Clothes | Combat Gear | Scar Map [NSFW]

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats: Strength - 8 | Perception - 7 | Endurance - 6 | Charisma - 6 | Intelligence - 7 | Agility - 5 | Luck - 6

Skills: Barter - 100 | Energy Weapons - 100 | Explosives - 45 | Guns - 100 | Lockpick - 100
Medicine - 100 | Melee Weapons - 29 | Repair - 100 | Science - 100 | Sneak - 100
Speech - 100 | Survival - 81 | Unarmed - 40

Personality: At one time in her life, Gina was altruistic to a fault. In a world of people scraping to get by at best sometimes, she was someone who had useful skills, and felt that it's only right that she used those skills to help those she encountered. This got her in trouble more than a few times from people who attempted to take advantage of her kindness. In such situations, she wasn't above retaliating - she felt that such behavior should be punished. The world's horrible enough without people being assholes to others. Perhaps it was extreme to deal with people in such a manner, but her world is a harsh one, where you can get killed for wearing the wrong uniform in the wrong place. However, she felt that despite all the crap in the world, there's good left in humanity - perhaps if she showed it, it will inspire more people to do good things. Perhaps a naive outlook, but if it backfires, well. She's good with guns.

Unfortunately, living in this harsh world has hardened her to a degree - besides seeing the things people are willing to do to each other on a daily basis, she's been exposed to other atrocities - the Legion's "purification" of the town of Nipton, the horriffic experiments in various Vaults and the results they've had on people that lived there, as well as countless inhumane scientific things done in the past, and their far-reaching effects. After a time, you just...stop being shocked. She's nursed a dry wit to try and help cope with the horrors she's encountered, often snarking in conversations when given the opportunity. It's also made her quite a cynic - at this point, she's taken to only helping people out in small ways as much as possible, versus doing everything she can. Far too many times has her attempts to help people blown up in her face, figuratively and literally. It's led her to a tendency to try and keep people at arm's length, even if they're deemed a friend. There's a lot of selfish thought of not wanting to be hurt again by her own failure in this way of thinking, but it does have some basis in wanting to help others. She simply feels her luck is bad enough that it's better to not get involved and risk it all coming down. Granted, she is human, and despite her efforts, she'll cave in certain situations.

This world had left her a light sleeper, and quite jumpy - when you never know for certain if any person you meet could be just a person going about their business, or a thug who'll fill you full of lead when you're not looking just to get at your money or gear, you tend to always be suspicious of any given person until they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they mean you no ill will. She tries not to let it show. After all, being obviously wary of someone will make them wary as well, and things risk declining from there. It manifests itself in other ways, though - being a light sleeper, remaining aware of her surroundings at all times, approaching unknown areas with caution, and keeping a weapon on her at all times.

Gina's also got a fairly silver tongue. In her world, you survive one of two ways - being able to talk your way out of a situation, or being a better shot when you can't convince the other guy to not flip out and shoot you. In the interest of doing less surgery to herself, Gina's developed a way with words that's useful for getting herself out of potential trouble, and helping stubborn people see her side of things. She's also not above being a flirt to work things out in her favor. After all, having the right tools for the right situation is the ideal way to get things solved, so one should always be prepared.

Anything that's of use, either for practical use or to be sold for money, she'll likely pick it up and keep it - both on her person and in her residence. Medical items, food, scrap weapons and parts, ammunition, working weapons, drugs... If she can get a use or money out of it, it will be hoarded. Related, she's a tinkerer - she'll get potentially valuable weapons and armor, patch them up and sell them - this ties in to her desire to use her skills for good. She's skilled at repairing things - good items mean people have better chances of survival, so she repairs what she can to sell to shops for other people to buy so they can take better care of themselves. It's her way of helping people indirectly.

Despite all the horrible things done in the name of science in this world, Gina does keep an open mind to various scientific things - if it can be used to improve life in general, it's worth keeping around, in her eyes - this includes things like implants, cybernetic enhancements, stronger weapons, and various other things. Granted, she also feels that these things should only be done to someone willing.

Traits: Four Eyes | Hoarder

Perks: Abominable (3) | Adamantium Skeleton | Animal Control (3) | Better Criticals | Big Brained
Black Widow | Bug Stomper (3) | Burden to Bear | Camrader-E (2) | Camel of the Mojave
Cardiac Arrest | Cherchez La Femme | Coin Operator | Commando | Comprehension
Day Tripper | Divide Survivor | DNAgent | DNAvenger (2) | Educated
Endurance Impant | Fast Metabolism | Finesse | Free Radical | Grim Reaper's Sprint
Jury Rigging | Life Giver | Long Haul | Lord Death (2) | Machine Head (2)
Marked | Meltdown | Monocyte Breeder | Pack Rat | Power Armor Training
Ranger Takedown | Rapid Reload | Reinforced Spine | Scrounger | Set Lasers For Fun
Sierra Madre Martini | Stonewall | Strength Implant | Strong Back | Sub-Dermal Armor
Thought You Died | Tough Guy | Toughness (2) | Vigilant Recycler | Weapon Handling